Access to information and literature allows students to grow and learn in countless ways.  In the library at Lewis & Clark Elementary, we aim to teach students not only how to locate information and literature that appeals to them, but how to interact with it, question it, and grow from that experience. We want each student to become a consumer of the written word, whether it be on paper or digital, fact or fiction, or for enjoyment or specific purpose.

Morning Library 

Two LC second graders do a puzzle in morning library

Ms. Ostrer opens the library before school three days a week starting in early October.  Morning library lasts from 8:00 until 8:30 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays unless otherwise noted. Activities include reading, checking out books, using manipulatives and building tools, drawing, and using Chromebooks. 

Students must go to the playground first to get a pass from Ms. Price or Ms. Ayers.  Two students may share one pass, which allows them to go into the building and up the stairs to the library.  

Students return to the playground when they leave the library; wandering around the building is strictly prohibited.

LC students build with Legos during morning library

Where to Find Our Books

Access Lewis and Clark's Destiny website to find the catalog of all our library books, as well as links to other sites that you may be able to use at home.

Snip of LC Destiny site with the tab for the catalog circled