Chess Club

Do you seek the THRILLS of Castling?
Do you know the CHILLS of perpetual check?
Do you have the SKILLS to capture a pawn 'en passant'?
Did you answer no to these questions?
That’s fine!  Chess club is STILL for you!





come to Mr. Gugliotto's room 222,
Tuesdays after school from 3:15-4:15, to participate
in practices, learning, and chess tournaments,
while listening to great music for an hour!



Sharpen that ability to focus while enjoying good company!


Horse figure knight chess piece says 'hello'

All kids who join get a Chess Kids account so that they may participate in tournaments as well as daily puzzles and lessons to sharpen up those chess skills.

There are two different groups:  Beginners and Advanced, who will meet every other week.  Students must choose one; you can switch up to Advanced or down to Beginners once after you’ve made your original selection if you find it’s not a good fit.

Lineup of a pawn, knight, king, queen, bishop, and castle above the words "Game On"
Sign up for Local Tournaments HERE!