Junior Librarians

Who are Junior Librarians?  They are 4th and 5th graders who love books, love helping, and don’t mind cleaning, organizing, or giving up one afternoon recess every few weeks.If you want to be a Jr. Librarian you need to fill out an application, take it home for a parent or guardian to sign, then return it to Miss Ostrer in the library by the deadline (October 14, 2019 for this school year).  If you are chosen as a Junior Librarian for the school year you will attend a short training, then you’ll sign up for the dates that you want to work for the month.  Tasks you might be given include getting books to and from classrooms, organizing bookshelves or putting books on display, helping with bulletin boards, running errands, and much more.  Junior Librarians aren’t paid, but they get to see and check out new books before other students, feel the satisfaction of being a great help to our library and librarians, earn a special t-shirt (after working four shifts), and attend the thank-you celebration at the end of the school year.