Time for Pumpkin Relays!!

Time for Pumpkin Relays!!

All this week is pumpkin relay time!  Last week a special delivery of pumpkins was made by John and Susan Gailey and farmer Kent Hodgson for our students to enjoy during PE time.  Then on Friday October 25 all the pumpkins will be sent home with our kids!  (Sometimes teachers have their students keep their pumpkins at school for the following week to use in various educational projects, and if we get any pictures of what they're doing they'll be posted here.)

A little history

Pumpkin relays started at LC years ago as a way for our kids to "give back". 

Someone said, "Hey, Mrs. Carter, we grew a bunch of pumpkins!  Can I bring some to PE to exercise with and then we could have a drawing for who wins them?" 

Mrs Carter said "Sure!  Why not?!!" 

From there others brought in their home-grown or purchased pumpkins to share and pumpkin relays went to a whole new level... and here we are, with usually around 600 pumpkins just hanging out in the gym for a couple of weeks!