Character Trait Awards

Each month, Lewis and Clark Elementary staff emphasize a “Character Trait of the Month.”  The character trait is discussed and exemplified in classrooms and throughout the school based on the district adopted PurposeFull People curriculum at the elementary school level.  At the end of each month, teachers nominate students for our Character Trait of the month award, which is based on students who demonstrate that month’s character trait.  These students are celebrated by the entire school and their families at an assembly. 

Character Traits

  • September: Citizenship (to become a responsible community member)
  • October: Compassion (to want to help someone in trouble, sick, hungry or less able)
  • November/December: Fairness (treating all people with respect and playing by the rules)
  • January: Honesty (to be fair and tell the truth)
  • February: Perseverance (to keep at it)
  • March: Respect (to have consideration for others)
  • April: Responsibility (to be accountable for your actions)
  • May: Self-Discipline (to make yourself do things that should be done)