Drop Off & Pick Up

Parent Pick-Up/Drop-Off Expectations:

  • Students may only enter and exit cars when pulled to the curb in the drop-off and pick-up lane or parked in a designated parking space.
  • To ensure a smooth and safe dismissal, we will ask drivers in the curbside pickup to continually pull forward to the furthest spot as cars move in and out. Please remain attentive, once you’ve pulled to the curb and keep your vehicle idling.
  • Drivers MUST remain in their vehicles at all times, unless in a designated parking space. The drop-off and pick-up lane in front of the school is not for parking.
  • If a space is not available at the curb, consider parking or continue circling. PLEASE DO NOT call your child over to your car through moving traffic!
  • If you have parked in a designated space to pick up your child, please respect and use the assigned crosswalk areas.
  • The bus loop behind the school is not for pick-up or drop-off.